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Planting a Seed for Education



KMVT 15 is partnering with Creatrix Institute to bring you a new and exciting program.


HIP HOP Leadership Academy engages youth through hip-hop music, art, creativity and technology. Students immerse in a unique arts education program that facilitates a dialogue about education, motivation and values. Creativity and learning combine to facilitate a complete learning experience.


Students and their families participate in open discussions, engagement techniques and workshops. The program has been developed with Common Core standards. Classes meet weekly from September 27 through December 17, 2014.


Now we wish to share our current understanding of how specialized curriculum and partnerships can take our programming to the next level for youth to discover how the common core now supports innovative education. The benefits have included increased motivation for learning, social-emotional development, leadership training, and increased communication skills.

Richard Gali in affiliation with Adobe Youth Voices will provide teaching and training on video production through a hip-hop music lens. Richard is familiar with the foundational aspects of our specialized curriculum and will provide an integrative model for expanding on the creative and experiential process the students will come to know. Richard currently works with the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula where hip-hop flourishes with the local youth engaged in their programming.

Ray Romero is a local producer and educator within the Silicon Valley area. Ray has been a part of the programming since it began in 2009. Ray’s creative mind continually contributes to the curriculum and his knowledge of hip-hop culture is a tremendous asset to the youth. A wizard of production, Ray brings many talents to the classroom including passion and integrity. Ray knows about several platforms of production including Pro Tools and innovative model app production.


Creatrix Institute has carefully developed hip-hop based education in the variety of areas that are needed to give the student an understanding of hip-hop culture, philosophy, and music while enhancing listening, reading, and writing skills. The intention will be to provide each student with a voice of expression, thus targeting leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and educational motivations. Practices are based in several key areas of study. Tremendous time has been given to develop this program, first forming a theoretical basis for hip-hop culture and music, and then leading to R&D while facilitating hip-hop based educational practices within the classroom settings. Contemporary practices in entrepreneurial leadership will also be integrated into what students learn.



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What you’ll learn
  • Hip-hop culture, history and musical expression
  • Reading skills, increased conplexity and comprehension
  • Analysis of specific literature, lyrical and poetic language
  • Writing skills, emphasizing solid reasoning abilities
  • Active listening, analysis and collaborative creation
  • Music and video creation in small teams


View an interview with Anthony Pineda discussing his techniques and philsophy





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