Edgar Espino-Barros

Production Technician



Education and Training
Hello, my college background was in the Theatre Arts focusing on Filmmaking Production and Electronic Music Studio. My cumulative training has ranged from Production Artist, Graphic/Web Design, Photography, Web Development and Videography.

After many years of graphic/web design production in both corporate and small shops/labs/studios my interests reverted back to film/video and started to volunteer on and off at KMVT for a couple of years and joined the staff (part time) since January 2015 and now work primarily on lighting studio productions and am still learning the intricacies (lots of buttons and knobs) of a TV Production Station.

My usual suspects are: bicycling, soccer (mostly watching), creating (rather obnoxious, but fun) electronic music pieces, camera mapping, watching films (sic-fi), cooking and not to brag, but I consider myself a Caipirinha and Margarita extraordinaire.
Last but not least are my two rescue pups, who keep me rather sane and take me out for walks.