Code of Conduct at KMVT 15

At KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Media, we attempt to create an environment of cooperation, creativity, and community. In order to maintain this environment so everyone can have a positive experience while at our facility, it's important that staff, producers, volunteers and guests understand and follow this


Our Code of Conduct

  • Treat everyone with respect and consideration. Be mindful that we're each sharing a community space.
  • Follow the staff's instructions in use and handling of KMVT's equipment and facilities at all times.


The following activities are not allowed on KMVT premises, and
violation of the following may result in suspension of access privileges:


  • Physically or verbally threatening or harassing any person in any way.
  • Using sexually explicit language, obscene gestures or racial, religious or ethnic slurs that are likely to upset or disturb the peace of staff, clients, volunteers or visitors.
  • Engaging in sexual behavior
  • Nudity � except as part of individual productions
  • Defacing, damaging, or destroying property
  • Possession, use or sale of illegal drugs, weapons or contraband
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol in any public or common area of the building without prior authorization. Alcohol may be consumed at events with prior authorization
  • Being "under the influence" of alcohol or other substances, taken prior to arrival at KMVT studios or on location
  • Soliciting, for any purpose, including asking for money, contributions or donations unless such activity has been approved by KMVT
  • Assembling for the purpose of disturbing the public peace
  • Committing any unlawful act
  • Fighting, disrupting other activities, or in any other way creating a disturbance which is disruptive or dangerous to others or the business activities of KMVT during any on-site or off-site KMVT activity or meeting.
  • Video or audio recording, or photographing, of any individuals by producers, guests, or visitors on KMVT premises, including staff or members of the public, without prior consent.
  • Smoking inside of the building

The Code of Conduct must be observed at all times. If the content of your studio program would
violate the Code, then that content must be produced off-site.