Drone Workshop

Instructor: Mark Taylor

When is it?

Sept. 6th


Location of class

KMVT 15 studios


Length of Class

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Software Used

DJI iPad app


Equipment Used

The class will have drones for you to fly. You may bring your own drone to ask questions about but we will only fly the station owned drones.




This workshop will cover the federal and state drone regulations. What defines a drone operation as commercial and subject to part 107 of the federal regulations. You will even get to try your hand at piloting our drones.


What will I learn in this class?

How to fly safely and legally in California.


Required skills

No skills are required. Thumbs are useful and assist in flying the drones.


Material to bring

You are not required to bring anything. If you wish to bring your own drone into the workshop you may, however we will only fly the station drones during the class.


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