Photography Workshop

Instructor: Mark Taylor

When is it?



Location of class

KMVT 15 studios


Length of Class

1 session of 3hrs


Software Used



Equipment Used

You will be best served by bringing and learning your own gear. The instructor will demonstrate with his gear.




This workshop is a starting point for the beginning photographer. It covers what photography is and how it works. Each participant should bring there own camera even if it's just your phone. We focus on providing the knowledge and training to create the images you want to.


What will I learn in this class?

This class focuses on getting you to take better photos. We will skip most of the technical stuff and focus on composition and the core photographic skills. These are the skills that will help you the most as you progress from an Full Auto photographer to an artistic and creative photogrpaher.


What is the best camera?

The best camera is different for every person and for every situation. I would never use a cameraphone to take wedding portraits professionally, I would use a DSLR because it is the right tool for the job. Conversely, I would not use a DSLR for dinner with friends photos because of its size and weight. It would just get in the way of having fun. The absolute best camera is the one that you know how to operate and takes photos. Thats it.


Required skills

No skills are required. An interest in photography is recommended.


Material to bring

Bring your own camera and gear. The class focuses on you learning with your own gear. You will have an opportunity to look at other peoples gear as well as the instructors gear. I recommend a camera, tripod and a flash if you have one. You are also encouraged to bring lots of questions


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