Script Writing Crash Course

Instructor:Veronica Craven

When is it?


Location of class

KMVT 15 studios


Length of Class

2 days, 3hrs


Software Used



Equipment Used






Get ready for JuNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo! This 2-day writing boot camp is perfect for the beginning and more advanced writer who wants to take their fun story and polish it into a fully developed script or novel using industry standard techniques. 


In the first week you will learn the basics of story elements, beats and organizing your 3 Act structure. In the second week you will learn the intricate character development, theme and dialogue to end up with your rough draft.


Your final rough draft will be ready for the next steps: "Pitching Your Script" and "Filmmaking 101".


Required skills

No skills are required.


Material to bring

Your story idea and note taking material. Handouts will be provided.

3X5 index cards (optional), Multicolored Post-It notes (optional), 4 poster boards or foam core – 14X22 (optional), Packing tape (optional), Thick Black Marker (optional), Highlighters (optional)



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