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KMVT 15 the local nonprofit community media center providing television services to Mountain View, Los Altos, Cupertino, Sunnyvale and Foster City. KMVT 15’s mission is to provide media literacy education, hands-on training, and civic engagement. We serve as a resource to narrow the digital divide through the use of technology, and provide the community with the tools to create media and utilize technology in a socially responsible manner. 


Designed to benefit the entire community, the goal of KMVT 15’s Go Digital! Capital Campaign is to raise $500,000 to upgrade its studios and remote equipment from analog to digital over the next two years.  In the first year of the campaign the organization successfully raised $128,000. The first grant funds were provided by the City of Los Altos, and the second round of grant funds was provided by the City of Cupertino. Other generous gifts continue to come from volunteers and local community members. 


“I’m delighted that Los Altos was the first organization to support the KMVT 15 Go Digital! Capital Campaign”, Los Altos City Councilwoman Val Carpenter stated. “The Los Altos City Council voted unanimously to provide $65,000 in funding to bring their facility and equipment into the digital age.”

“KMVT 15 is a valuable community resource and the Cupertino City Council was proud to support their efforts to “go digital” and increase the ways that their content can be delivered in today’s multi-media world,” expressed Cupertino Mayor Orrin Mahoney.


The“ Go Digital! Capital Campaign is off to a great start. KMVT 15 is looking to the larger community for their generous support to reach our goal of being a fully-digital facility as well as one of the most accessible public media forums of our time, tailored to our community’s needs,” said Shelley Wolfe, Executive Director of KMVT 15.

We ask that you will consider investing in our Go Digital! Capital Campaign, every dollar you give enables our future to be able to provide the most relevant training resources to our community.


Contributions to the KMVT 15 Go Digital! Capital Campaign is tax-deductible per state law


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Mail a check to KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media 1400 Terra Bella Avenue, Suite M, Mountain View, CA 94043


If you would like to learn more about the Go Digital! Capital Campaign click here


WE also provide underwriting opportunities for local business.  We have many great educational programs to support.

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