Capture your best sports moments

In one professional REEL! For each highschool athlete, KMVT 15 can create a customized highlights reel that captures your best moments in your high-school sports career. KMVT 15 will provide each athlete with professionally packaged, personalized DVDs plus an additional video file that you can upload to your website or Youtube for extra visibility. This is a perfect keepsake for any highschool athlete at any level! Copies are discounted, so you can give them freely as gifts.


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For the serious athlete, your personalized reel will give you the competitive advantage with recruiters. Make exact selections of your game plays to highlight your best moments for your athletic career portfolio. Upload your reel to a college sports recruiting website for visibiity to recruiters., and/or mail your DVDs directly to recruiters!

"Give yourself COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE with recruiters"


What you get: 5 copies of a professionally packaged, customized DVD. Each DVD will be labeled with your name, your sport(s), and other provided information (position, stats, etc.). On the reel itself, a Sports Intro will play, again with your name and info, followed by 5-10 highlights of your selected moments. In addition, you'll receive an additional video file that you can upload to your website, Youtube or college sports recruiting site for extra visibility. Order extra copies of the DVD at discounted rates for keepsake, gifts or for recruiters. Orders are $250 for the Basic 5-DVD Package. Additional copies of the DVD are $5 each. Note that we charge our regular dub price of $28 after the initial order.


When you order, you'll need to provide us with 5-10 highlight selections, the athlete name & information, and the number of copies. To get started, first write down your selects from the KMVT Sports Webcast. Choose 5-10 selects from one or various games, of any length. For each select that you make, note the sports name, game date, team playing, which quarter/half/set, and timecode. Call us if you need any help with this, or if you'd like to make special requests, and we can talk you through it!


We'll need the following information to make your order:
  • Your name, address & contact info
  • Player Name and Player Stats (Provide us with the athlete's name, school, and any extra information such as player statistics, position, Varsity, etc. Make sure to list this information AS YOU WOULD LIKE IT TO BE SEEN ON THE DVD)
  • Number of DVDs you'd like to order in total


Collect the following information for each select. You may make up to 7 selects:
  • Sport Name(Ex: Boys Waterpolo)
  • Game Date (Ex: 1/15/2010)
  • Teams Playing (MV vs LA)
  • Which Quarter, half or set
  • Timecode (Provide the time In and time Out of the sports play you'd like captured. For example, 2 min 30 sec to 2 min 55 sec.)


I'm ready to order - Fill out the order form now.

Call us at 650-968-1540 with any questions on your order.