Tim Erskin

Production Technician



Tim Erskin lives in Cupertino with his wife Jill, and both enjoy regular visits from extended family

and friends.

● Born in California

● Menlo Atherton High School in 1973

● Made the grade as an auto mechanic starting in the ‘70’s

● Bought a video camera and a 3⁄4” editing system in 1987

● Became editor for Hammer Communications, Belmont, in 1989





● 1990 ­ 1999

o Worked as an independent contractor managing live three­camera productions

o Director of photography on a horror short subject

o Was heavily engaged in drag racing as head mechanic and engine builder and was involved in two successful racecars simultaneously

o Managed sound mixing for numerous lives acts at several Penninsula night clubs

o Began cycling as another hobby

o Began brewing beer as yet another hobby

● 1999 ­ 2005

o Volunteer at KMVT­TV

o Assistant Producer, “Your 15 Minutes of Fame”

o Camera and post­production work for Pig Iron Productions

● 2006 ­ 2007

o Cameraman for Mobile Productions, City of Sunnyvale

o Put more miles on his bicycle than on his car, by several thousand

o Volunteer at KMVT­TV, handling audio for “Stranger Music”, and camera for sports productions: baseball, basketball, soccer, and even cricket.


Tim continues to work as an auto mechanic at Parker Automotive, a Saab specialist in

Mountain View, and enjoys cycling and video production as very active hobbies.


He’ll turn 61 next June.