Photography Adventures

Instructor: Mark Taylor

When is it?

These are specialty classes that vary by subject and location.


Location of class

The location of each workshop will change depending on what has been organized.


Length of Class

2 or more sessions of 3+ hours. Each workshop will be different.


Software Used

Depends on the project


Equipment Used

You will be best served by bringing and learning your own gear. The instructor will demonstrate with his gear.



Varies by Project.

The only way to get better is to practice and what better way to practice than to go on an adventure. Our workshops take you through the whole process of creating a great photo. We start with a planning and practice meeting at our studio. The planning meeting covers everything you need to know about the shoot day or weekend. Our instructor organizes parking locations, food and anything else that may be needed. You just need to bring your camera and personal gear.


Upcoming Workshops


May: Macro - May 16th & 17th

Get up close and personal with macro photography. We will be focusing close with this one. Friday will be all in studio as we talk about the basics of macro photogrpahy and get everybody practicing with a few models. Saturday will take the group to several locations for specific subjects in macro photography.


July 4th - Fireworks

Who doesn't like a good explosion.


September -



What camera gear do you need?

We cover what you will need to bring during our planning meeting. The gear list depends on what we are shooting. A camera and tripod will get you through any situation but a few other peices of gear may be useful depending on the subject. Lightpainting and long exposure photography works best with a remote shutter release. Sports photogrpahy is improved by a long lens. Street photogrpahy is best done with a small camera.


What is the best camera to bring?

Every painter has their favorite brush. While all cameras take photos, you may find it easier to take certain photos with certain cameras. Street photography is better with smaller cameras, wheras lightpainting and timelapse are better with DSLRs.

What will I learn from this exciting adventure?

Each project will be focused on a specific aspect of photography. Landscape, portraits, lightpainting, macro and more. You will be shown a photo and our instructor will walk you guide you through the process of recreating it and then expanding on it. You will plan, shoot and then use post production to finish the image. By the end of the project you will be able same photo


Required skills

All skill levels are encouraged to join, but in order to get the most out of these trips you will want to have a basic understanding of shutterspeed, apeture and the different shooting modes that your camera has. Our instructor will guide you through the settings needed for each shot. However with so many camera brands and models it can be very difficult to know all the menus and brand specific knowledge. For this reason please bring your manual.


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