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1. Support KMVT by becoming a Friend of KMVT15

Friends of KMVT15:  (Donation levels start at $50 annually) -Become a supporter of community media & television and support KMVT 15


2. Are you an Amazon Shopper? Here is an easy way to support KMVT 15

Move the box from the donation page

Click here for Instructions

1. Go to    (Set as a bookmark!)

2. Log in as you normally would

3. A box will come up that says select charity you want to support right below it is a search box. Search KMVT.  

4. A box will pop up that says Mountain View Community Television  with a yellow select box hit select

5.  Once you have done steps 1-4 in the upper left hand corner you will now see it say Supporting...Kmvt (this is just for reference

6.  Begin shopping as normal and pay as normal 

7.  Monthly Kmvt will receive .5% of every purchase done through this program. But you must go through the site  Let me know if you have any questions.  Please help spread the word!


3. Are you a Coffee Drinker or know someone that is?  

If you already drink coffee, why not support two good causes at the same time?  Every time you buy Keipos, Inc. coffee through KMVT 15, 50%of the proceeds will go towards providing clean drinking water and electricity to the people of Santa Marta, Nicaragua.  Currently, most inhabitants walk an average of half a mile on steep terrain to fill their buckets with water unsafe for drinking.  The other 50% will help fund KMVT 15’s educational media literacy workshops and camps for youth and adults.


4. S.H.A.R.E.S.
Next time you are in the office, ask to join the KMVT15 - SaveMart SHARES program. We will give you a plastic SHARES card. Hand the SHARES card to the checker each time you check-out at SaveMart and they will donate 3% of your total grocery bill to KMVT15.
This costs you nothing - the 3% comes from SaveMart as a supporter of our nonprofit organization. Once you get into the habit of remembering your SHARES card, the rest is simple. Thanks to you and SaveMart for supporting KMVT15.



5. Benefit Bar

Benefit Bar will make a donation to KMVT 15 every time someone makes their homepage, takes a Benefit Bar survey, or does a search through Benefit Bar and clicks on a paid ad.  Their merchants (such as Banana Republic, 24 Hour Fitness, and Bath and Body Works) also offer 30,000 daily discounts that you can take advantage of, so it helps you too!  (You can find these discounts by clicking on Activities on our Benefit Bar page, then Savings.  A page with a list of their vendors will appear, and you can click on the coupons next to any of these companies.)  Thank you so much for your support.  Through these donations, we can continue to provide educational workshops, camps, and studio tours to youth and adults and televise local sports and local orgination programming in the Silicon Valley. -  Click here to learn how!


6. Follow us on Social Media

KMVT 15 has joined many soical media outlets to keep yo posted of what is going on.  You can find us on (put in logos for all of them) .  If you would like to just hear from us through our Monthly News letter, send us an email at and put subscribe in the subject line - Connect With Us!


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