Workshop Catalog

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Video Production - Create a TV show, Web video, or Documentary

Video Production - Night- $100

In 4 sessions of 3.5 hours you will receive hands on studio training. This workshop provides you the basics of all areas of video production.


Video Production - Day- $100

In 4 sessions of 3.5 hours you will receive hands on studio training. This workshop provides you the basics of all areas of video production.


Field production - $150

Not all cameras are the same. This class will teach you how to use the Sony NX5U and how to record in the field. Learn the steps needed to create your production outside a studio environment.

Producer Training - $95

Want to create your own show. This workshop is 2 sessions. You will learn all the rules to produce and then you will put your skills to the test and create a show


Director - $45

Become a qualified Director. Learn what it takes to create a show managing a team and supporting the Producers vision.


Audio - $60

Learn more about using an audio board and the importance of how to create great sound.


Remote Production Truck - $85/$45 with Studio Production

Become part of our Truck crew. Learn video production using our production truck, shoot sports, graduations and special events.


Post Production - Editing, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

Editing - $125

We provide you the skills to do basic editing. The workshop creates a workflow as well as the basic knowledge of using Adobe CS6.


After Effects - $55

Learn the basics of motion graphics using Adobe After Effects.


Misc. Workshops - Social Media, Photography and so much more

Media Methods - FREE for members of KMVT

Learn forced perspective, green screen and compositing techniques for photography and videography.


This will be an introduction to flying drones safely and legally.


Photography - $55

Photography is easy, good photography takes practice. We make it easy with monthly meetings and workshops.


Photoshop - $45

Photoshop is the tool of choice for many professional photographers and designers. Learn the basics in this workshop.


Video Blogging and Podcasting - $45

We watch videos on our computer, phones, tablets and TV's. Learn how to setup your own video blog and podcast it into the world.


Scriptwriting Crash Course - $99

Perfect for beginning and advanced writers who wants to take their fun story and polish it into a fully developed script.


High Impact TV Hosting - $60

Covering elements from research and preparation to the on-air process and active listening.


Custom Individual& Group Lessons - $35 per hour

Want a more focused class on a specific subject? Our custom workshops are designed around your needs.


Interactive team building - $50 per person

We provide customizable team building experiences. Call us and we will build a program especially for your group.