Producer Resources


Create your own show!

Do you have an idea for a new TV show? Become a Community Access Producer and create, plan, and produce your own show right here in our studios. KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media exists so that ANYONE can produce their own show. No prior experience is needed!


To become a KMVT 15 Community Access Producer you must complete the appropriate workshops - Intro to Video Production and Producer Training. If you are planning to shoot outside of the studio and are going to need equipment, take the Field Production workshop. Then pay your annual access user fees to get started.




Become a KMVT Access Producer

An access producer is one that has taken KMVT 15 Video Production and Producers' workshops, become a qualified user and produces content using KMVT 15 facilities and/or equipment. Your programs will then air on KMVT 15 on Comcast Channel 15 and AT&T Uverse Channel 99 and YouTube. There are also opportunities to be on our Roku channel.




Become an Import Producer

An import producer creates the show either at another studio or with their own equipment. KMVT 15 takes in import programs once you have filed the proper paperwork and paid your import producer fee. Then submit your content to air on our distribution channels . Most station offer this as a service to their communities.


  • Want to air your show on our channel. Become an import producer. Pay the annual access fee of $200/year for Import Producers by clicking the link below. Please fill out and subit all requested forms to Christina Hagan at
  • We provide other ala carte services as well for additional fees. You can also mail in a check or pay by phone.

  • 1. Pay Membership Here
  • 2. Submit Import Producer Application Form

3. Review the "Community Access User's Guide"

4. Import Producer Statement of Compliance Form



Access User Fees per year

  • FREE - All Residents of Mountain View, Cupertino, Los Altos & Sunnyvale
    $90 - Non-residents
    $210 - Organization; 3 specific people yearly. Can live in any city.


$200 - Import Producer

$250 Import + YouTube or Roku

$300 Import + YouTube & Roku


Once you've paid and your training is complete, you may start checking out equipment, booking studio time, and recruiting crew from the KMVT crew database.