Create your Vision

Studio/Equipment Rental

KMVT 15 offers array of resources to help complete your creative vision.

Crew Resources

Quick guides, crew lists, and crew position openings.

Producer Resources

Forms, helpful links and quick guides.

Community Message Board

Create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) or promote a local non-proft event.

Speak Out

Got something to say? We want to hear it! Speak your mind for up to 3 minutes on a topic of your choice.

Professional Services

Hire KPRO's professional staff to produce content for your organization

Facilities & Equipment

Start today by touring our studio, talk with the staff and watch KMVT 15 on Comcast channel 15 or our YouTube Channel. This quick guide takes you through how to go from watching TV to crewing on a real production to creating your own show.


Community Services

Community Producers

* Produce at KMVT 15 studios

* Produce content and use KMVT distribution resources

* Hire KMVT 15 to produce your production

* Rent production equipment or studio

* Take a workshop

Nonprofits and Businesses

* Hire KMVT 15 to produce your video content

* Rent KMVT 15 facilities

* Hire KMVT 15 to train your staff in Media Production, Social Media, Storyboarding and Teambuilding

* Utilize our Community Message Board

* Create and/or air your Public Service Announcements (PSA's)