KMVT Truck and Kids

Our number one priority is a new mobile production truck! With $97,383 we can equip a whole new vehicle with its own generator, an improved Telex intercom, audio mixer, TriCaster 450 Extreme production switcher, New Tech 3-Play Replay system, a Teradeck Cube video transceiver, and wireless streaming for live events. Upgrading to a smaller, more fuel-efficient model means we’d be able to access more remote locations.

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Enter the amount you want to donate each month

$35 provides one hour of studio time for a community producer

$65 rents a camera for a nonprofit agency

$150 means an in-studio Public Service Announcement for a local school

$350 puts a low-income middle schooler through Media Camp

$1,000 covers a high school sport event

$5,000 buys a new cinema camera just for volunteers

$10,000 is one month’s rent