Your Electronic Soap Box!

A Program to Voice Your Opinion

KMVT 15 gives individuals a chance to have a voice that is heard throughout the communities of Cupertino, Los Altos and Mountain View.


Speak Out is not to be used to create public service, promotional or event announcement announcements.


When: Please call ahead to KMVT 15 offices to schedule a time to record

Where: KMVT 15 Studios located at 1400 Terra Bella Avenue, Suite M, Mountain View, CA 94043

Tel: 650-968-1540


Airs: Your piece will be aired during regular program hours, similar to a Public Service Announcement (PSA).

What is SPEAK OUT? You will have 1 minute to voice your opinions on ANY subject that you care to talk about. This is YOUR time on AIR. Speak Out is NOT an interview show. We have a chair where you sit and speak naturally to a single camera.


You can be fun, informative and passionate and you can also tell politicians, corporations, marketers or even special interest groups how you feel and why at no cost, it's free.

The segment airs in Mountain View, Los Altos, Cupertino on KMVT15 Comcast cable channel 15, in Sunnyvale on KMVT15 Comcast cable channel 26 and AT& T U Verse Channel 99 throughout the Bay Area.


It is best just to chat to the camera, but if you must have an index card with three phrases or 'points to cover' to jog your memory, that's OK. You may read, but it doesn't look as appealing as just talking to the camera. We do not provide the teleprompter for these recorded pieces.


Only Non-profits (501 (c)(3) public benefit organizations may put up a phone number &/or website which will be on a "tag" which is on the screen as the person speaks. However, everyone gets a tag with their name and subject.


Attire is as casual or formal as you wish; you can't wear an all-white shirt with no jacket (too hot). All-red bleeds on the screen when re-aired. Whatever make-up you do or don't wear is fine. We do not add make-up.


This is easy and fun! I recommend treating it as if you were chatting about this subject with a friend at a coffee house. DON'T over think . . .


You will be required to sign a talent release form that allows KMVT 15 to air your segment on our channel and on our YouTube channel.