KMVT 15 Community Message Board available for Public Service Announcements (PSA) and Community Announcements


KMVT 15 provides an easy way for the public to stay informed with current issues, events and community happening including by not limited to upcoming city meetings (channel 26) and community event announcements (channel 15).


KMVT 15's Community Message Board is available to the public to place announcements only on its public channel.. The KMVT 15 message board is a series of still graphic images, similar to a slide show, which appears when there is no programming. The message board runs for a total between 6-8 hours per day. Rotations of messages vary between 4-6 times an hour from 3am to 11am daily. KMVT 15 has a potential viewership of over 400K throughout the Bay Area and over 1.5Million Views on YouTube with over 2K built in subscribers.


There are many different ways to share community messages and PSA's with KMVT15.


What is a PSA - A public service announcement (PSA) is a type of announcement featured on television, radio, print or other media. A PSA is intended to benefit the public interest, by raising awareness of an issue, affecting public attitudes, and potentially stimulating action.The station provides this service for non-profit organizations to promote events, services and raise awareness of issues. PSA's that meet our requirements will be reviewed before airing. Please limit your PSA submissions to one per subject.



Businesses/Individuals - $85 per month, $475 for six months, $950 yearly rates


If you are interested in being on our community message board, which is a static slide that rotates on the channel, here are the following steps:

Submit a JPEG image

A broadcast-ready graphic must meet these requirements:

  1. *JPEG image, 4:3 Width to Height ratio
  2. *At least 400 by 300 pixels. Larger is OK.
  3. *No pure white background. Light colors are best.
  4. *Fonts as large as possible. We suggest at least 35 point.
  5. *No bright red, bright yellow, bright orange or white. (These colors “bloom” on the screen.)

*Printed flyers will not meet these requirements.
*Files submitted as a word document, pdf or other will NOT be aired.
**the actual pixels displayed are 400x300 at 72dpi. Image design may appear different if created at a larger size.



Sample Slide


*Not sure how to create a simple JPEG image create your slide in PowerPoint, one slide can be turned into a JPEG.



Video PSA options:

KMVT 15 can also run your video PSA.

NONPROFIT - Monthly fee $65, $750 yearly fee (already produced video)

NONPROFIT - Monthly fee $85, $850 yearly fee - Produced with Video Producer (limit 4 a month)


BUSINESS OR INDIVIDUAL - Monthly fee $110, $1300 yearly fee (already produced video)

BUSINESS OR INDIVIDUAL - Monthly fee $150, $1750 yearly fee - Produced with Video Producer (limit 4 a month)


There are (3) three ways to manage video PSA's


1. If you already have a produced PSA - call with your payment and request a login to upload content

2. Mail in our video PSA with the submission form

3. Create video using KMVT 15 ready to use Video Producer templates to create your PSA



Check out our News Blog for details about events and announcements